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Ei ta døm største Ringsmyra
noko nord om Lauvlisetra
fekk en gong Sjuguttmyra tel namn
etter noko grufullt hadde hendt

Sju gutter hadde stevna hinaen
frå setrer rundtom på skauen
Døm vart itte enige på ansles vis
Enn å sliss tel blodet rann

Døm skyra greiner ta
ei furu like ved
Så spissa døm staura tel
og rauk sammen og sliss

Da kampen var over
låg seks daue att på myra
Med innvolla i henda
kreka nummer sju seg hem

Men så gjekk det itte bere
enn at’n døe etter ei stynn
Da’n væl var heme og hadde fortelt
om slaget som hadde tatt stad

Seia detta hendte
i år sekstenhundreogno’
har sju staure fått stå i myra
som minne frå gammal tid

Alt som står i myra
blir svart som bek og hardt som stål
Drar tel seg jernet fra lendet rundt
eller blodet tel sju gutter under torva


One of the largest Ring marshes
a stone’s throw north of Lauvli shieling
was once named the Seven lad marsh
after something terrible transpired there

Seven young shepherds had summoned each other
from different farms around the forest
Seems they couldn’t come to agreement by other means
than to fight ‘till rivers of blood would flow

They cut branches off
an old pine nearby
Then they sharpened their spears
and hurtled together and fought

When the battle was over
six of them laid dead on the marshlands
With his own guts in his hands
the seventh crawled his way home

It certainly didn’t end well
he died just after a while
Shortly after he made it home
and had told all about the big brawl

Ever since this happened
sometime in the sixteen-hundreds
seven poles have stood in the marsh
as a memory of times which have long since passed

Everything that stands in the marsh
turns black as pitch and hard as steel
Draws in iron from the soil around
or the blood of seven boys six feet under


from Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen, released September 28, 2017


all rights reserved



Myrkgrav Turku, Finland

One man folk metal project from Norway, founded by Lars Jensen in 2003. Myrkgrav's lyrical and visual theme is deeply rooted in folklore and local history from Lars' home village in Ringerike.

The project often features guest artists from a wide range of other musical genres, for instance Olav L. Mjelva playing the traditional Norwegian instrument Hardanger fiddle.
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